The Story

The Artist

The Past:


Life has no doubt...been an adventure. Throughout this journey, Wendy Vanderwerff has met a myriad of wonderful people...who have provided her with a non-stop outlet for inspiration.

As early on as she can remember, her passion for reading, writing and the arts were never surpassed. From winning awards in the area of Drama, to awards in Public Speaking, Writing and Publication...the love of creating and the passion that it derived has been  inset from early on in her existence.


First, came the involvement in the modeling industry. Fashion has since taken a large roll in Wendy's life...but "the friends, the international successes, the famous characters that  I have had the privilege of making an acquaintance...will always provide the fascinations and memories to which I will cling."


Onward...came business ventures...and through them...came many more unexpected alliances.


Through her retail business of hard to find hobby supplies...she was sought out by several high profile Fashion Designers for unique items for their creations, provided items to the Disney Costume Department...and spurred a fundraising idea that became an unexpected worldwide phenomenon .


On the eve of the aftermath of  911, the only thing Wendy could think about was the pain belonging to  the children of those lost in the tragedy.

Although a small thing to do, she created a simple Free, American Flag Safety Pin craft...and posted it to her site. The purpose? To encourage all those who saw it to make the craft and sell it as a fundraiser to help the children affected by the catastrophe. She did not expect what resulted next. After a flood of emails, many thank you 's and next thing she knew, Martha Stewart had linked her site to hers and did a show specifically on her craft/idea. With her help, the world took on her little idea....and made a difference. This small (large really) accomplishment has become something she has become most proud of.


Since, her volunteer work, philanthropy and working with children has been the outlet for most of her creativity. Helping children with literacy has been her main focus.


The Present Evil and Enchanted.  A world...where she celebrates the natural inclination to commemorate more of what we love.  The website hosts blogs, lessons, specialty pieces, one of a kinds and more. If you are looking for the unique, you have come to the right place.


 Specialty Pieces...just a little something extra on the site...

  The E&E website has many treasures. Most are creative show pieces that stand out on their own.  There is a small part of it however, that contains pieces based on literary stories . These are called "Kingdom Pieces"   So how did this small corner of "The Kingdom"  come about?..... Wendy states: 


"The creative intensity of one's mind never ceases to wander.  I often toggle between writing, crafting, a devotion to children,  literacy ... and jewelry making.


   As I sat designing one afternoon, pondering ...I started to notice a common theme in my creations.  Glancing up at the mythical art pieces that embellished my office walls, I began to fade into an awe-inspiring world of make believe. 


   My mind wandered, the wheels turned, an overwhelming love embraced me.  A  burst of proficiency threatened to explode within me.  In that very moment, Evil & Enchanted was born.


  Meshing my accomplished writing and the artistic love of beauty...I created the fairy Realm known as The Kingdom.. and all that exists there.  It wasn't enough that I had created the jewelry pieces...

Each had to have a history and a purpose.  That complexity is just how my mind works. Simple is never enough. Always dramatic. Always larger than life.


  In order to bring my actual stories to life, I created a plethora of characters, each with their own secrets and hidden agendas.  I mastered specific facial features identifying markings and handed them over to a wonderful Spanish Artist who started from scratch and manufactured my characters in doll form.  My creations had now come to life.


  I designed specific costumes along with custom made wings for each. Painstaking detail was mastered into each in order to make the vision a reality.


  Finally, the fairy Realm had its court.


  Each character has a story and therefore a literary adventure based on their plight, their needs and their morals.  They deal with life, death and the pains and happiness derived from human nature.


  And finally...because each of these things has an item or image symbolic to represent them in real life...each has been incorporated into my jewelry creations to implement their meaning, significance and powerful representation of protection....and therefore....each character has their own "jewelry line" based on their life.


 This concept has never been done before. Only those with imagination, freedom of their mind's cycle, creativity...and the desire to always remain a child at heart and obtain eternal /proverbial youth will get the concept. the end....we will pass on "old" on the outside....but have every right to remain eternally "youthful"  on the inside. Oh how the secret of this simple happiness has evaded so many...

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